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As mothers to girls, we have lived through The Twirly Phase, with our daughters trying on dresses until they found that perfect twirl. Yet we often struggled to find pretty, practical dresses that we could agree on... dresses that weren't overly sophisticated, babyish or a fancy dress costume.  We have set out to create that common ground, a dress both you and your little girl will love, a twirl just her own, MyTwirl.

Lisa and Amanda, our Co-Founders and mums of 3, came up with the idea, when their daughters were frustrated with never finding "the perfect twirling dress".  They shared the exciting concept with Amanda's mum in New York, and Celeste was on board as their Designer.  Celeste has spent over 30 years in the fashion industry, making her first wedding gown at only 14 years old, and launching the first Calvin Klein childrenswear collection when Amanda was just a baby.  With a granddaughter who refuses to wear anything but dresses, she certainly has her inspiration for gorgeous MyTwirl collections to come! 

MyTwirl dresses are stylish playground-to-party worthy dresses with a perfect twirl! Our versatile and comfortable dresses are easy to care for and of uncompromised quality. Our dresses are fit repeatedly until the children are comfortable. We have selected timeless silhouettes, interpreted in beautiful European fabrics that will make her want to twirl, and bring a smile to all.

Everyone is happy when she’s wearing MyTwirl.

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