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ANDRAAB, Founded in 1996 by brothers - Muzaffar, Mubashir and Muzakir

Andraab, specialising in handwoven shawls, captures Kashmir’s unique embroidery heritage and the time-honoured tradition of weaving

The label is known for its handcrafted pieces, using the finest quality cashmere fibres

Design Philosophy

Meticulous attention to workmanship – some pieces can take months, years to make

Each creation goes through the traditional art of shawl making, with modern elements of style, design and unique colour palettes

Pure fabrics – cashmere, silks and other luxurious blends comprise the collections


Choice of customisation with exclusive embroidery or embellishments

Silk, cotton, gilt silver and gold wire based embroidery techniques are often used in creating bespoke pieces

Generous use of Persian influences, with intricate and elegant embroidery and patterns


Women – shawls, stoles and scarves

Men – shawls, stoles, pocket squares, ties and robes

The label also offers a range of wall hangings, throws and bed spreads



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